Middle East

The Middle East provides a stark contrast between the modern glitzy cities of the Emirates, and the ancient cities such as Jordan’s rock-carved lost city of Petra and the Roman ruins of Jerash, and the traditional Bedouin way of life out in the desert.  In glamourous Dubai, stay in some of the finest luxury resorts in the world, including opulent Bedouin-style camps, explore bustling souks, uber luxury shopping centers, go dune bashing or on a camel safari in the desert, or experience thrills in one of the many world class theme parks. Oman is emerging as a hot new luxury travel destination with lush oases in the middle of the arid desert, remote forts and exclusive beach resorts along the coral coastline. The Middle East is fascinating place to visit, and great for those who seek a sunshine guarantee at almost any time of year.

Bordered by eight countries, Turkey is a diverse and fascinating country and a gateway between East and West, full of Roman architecture, Byzantine art and Ottoman Palaces. From Istanbul’s bazaars and mosques, to Bodrum’s blissful coastline, Turkey is awash with history, culture and outstanding natural beauty.

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Middle East

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