From the Norwegian fjords to the French Riviera, the fabulous tapas cuisine of Barcelona to the romance of the Swiss Alps, the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Northern Lights to the balmy climes of the Mediterranean, this diverse continent is packed full of amazing adventures. Europe has an incredibly rich history, heritage & culture waiting to be discovered, in the rustic beauty of its oldest cities, in its innovative galleries and museums and in its castles and pristine countryside. Southern Europe features mouth-watering cuisine in its hip and buzzing bars and restaurants, sun-kissed landscapes, beautiful beaches, a perfect climate and some of our favorite romantic hideaways.

Whether you’re yearning for a romantic escape to Paris, a slice of La Dolce Vita in Italy, or seeking an island hopping yachting holiday in the Greek Isles, unforgettable experiences await on this incredible enchanting continent. Our knowledgeable Europe specialists can guide you through the many choices to create your perfect luxury tailor-made European holiday and will craft a daily personalized itinerary for your trip.

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Austria is a landlocked country within central Europe that borders Germany and the Czech Republic in the north with Switzerland to the west. Austria has excellent ski terrain, which cements its place as one of the top ski destinations in Europe. This is especially true on the spectacular slopes of St. Anton, complete with fresh […]



Despite being relatively small in size, Belgium is packed full of amazing cultural experiences to suit every type of traveller. Some people visit Belgium for its delicious golden twice-fried frites (the famous fries in paper cones with flavourful dipping sauces) sold from carts all over the city. Belgium’s Christmas markets are globally renowned, as are […]



Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean country with long stretches of beaches and home to over 1000 islands. It shares its borders with Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia. Croatia offers a trifecta of history, culture and stunning landscapes, with crystal clear waters and rocky coves including the famous Dalmatian coast with its sapphire like waters and photogenic […]


Czech Republic

For a relatively small country, the Czech Republic is truly bursting with character. From Bohemia, which is famous for it’s architectural treasures, to the famous spa waters of the west and finally to the stunning mountain ranges of the east. Prague is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful cities and is the cultural hub […]



Denmark is a relatively small country, boasting of a population of just 5.5 million people, however, its the home to some of the happiest people on the planet. Copenhagen is the standout destination for enjoying the best of this beautiful country, with an air of thick charm as you walk around the city. Discovering the city […]



Finland is an alluring country, boasting some of the most fascinating landscapes anywhere on the planet. Northern Finland features a wide range of pristine nature including 179,584 islands, 187,888 lakes. The time of the year plays a key role in what you experience, from the famous midnight sun in summer, where you spend endless days in […]



France is a country that seduces travellers with its extraordinary gastronomy, outstanding art and architecture and heart-stopping landscapes. In the capital city of Paris discover the quaintest cafes, treat your tastebuds to the Michelin-style cuisine, and enjoy exclusive shopping at high-end boutiques. Paris, the most visited tourist destination and one of the most romantic cities […]



From the beaches of the Baltic coast to the crisp beauty of the Bavarian Alps, Germany is land of alluring scenery. Aside from the mugs of Bavarian beer, Oktoberfest and a packed history, Germany can be described as a geographical and cultural patchwork that can offer something for everyone. Home to the romantic magical scenery […]



With never-ending stretches of exquisite Mediterranean coastline offering an array of stunning beaches and delicious food, Greece is a country that truly caters to wide range of travellers. From activities such as island hopping across azure waters to exploring archaeological sites and monuments, or touring the ancient capital of Athens, Greece is a country with […]



Hungary was a part of one of the most impressive empires in European history that spanned until the early 20th Century, imposing a significant impact upon the continent’s history and yet this country at the centre of middle Europe is very unique. The Hungarian language is entirely different to all other surrounding countries in the […]



Iceland, an island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between the United Kingdom and Greenland has a far-flung, gorgeous and untouched landscape. Paired with a wide variety of geological features from volcanoes to geothermal baths and geysers, Iceland is famous for being one of the locations on earth where (if you’re lucky) you […]



Located directly west from England, enchanting Ireland conceals an amazing variety of landscapes throughout the country, combined with a rich history. Ireland is not unfamiliar with rain, however this will just made it even cosier tucked away in a traditional pub, where you’ll find warmth, amazing conversations and a local band equipped with a fiddle […]



Italy famously possesses long stretches of Mediterranean and Amalfi coastline, coupled with the beautiful Tuscan vineyards, countryside, alluring cities and delicious food. Must visit cities include Florence, which possesses the world famous Renaissance architecture, Venice, also called the “city of water”, Rome, which is full of ancient historical monuments, and the island of Sicily which […]



Monaco is located 20km away from Nice Airport, right on the edge of the Mediterranean sea, nestled between the Italian and French Rivieras and in close proximity to the Alps. Monaco is a great example that good things come in small packages, it is officially the second smallest country in the world, right behind the […]



Sandwiched between Croatia and Albania, the well kept secret of Montenegro is home to much natural beauty, white sand beaches, peaceful lakes and rugged mountains. The beautiful Adriatic coast has a lot to offer with its captivating seaside villages and stunning beaches, – visit the charming Skadar Lake or enjoy walks in the Montenegrin Mountains. […]



Quaint and charming, the Netherlands is sometimes overlooked by its larger European neighbours. Holland is characterised by its famous canal system, blooming tulip fields, windmill-scattered landscapes and endless kilometres of cycling routes, which gives it a quintessentially European storybook setting. The capital city, Amsterdam, is an alluring yet bohemian city whose 17th century Golden Age […]



Norway is well known for being exceptionally beautiful, famous for it’s vast Fjords, rugged coastlines and general, all around stunning views. Towards to North, you experience a true winter wonderland coupled with the opportunity of seeing the Northern Lights, in the south, there’s the breath-taking Fjords and charming hubs of Bergen and Oslo. Norway is […]



Portugal has two separate coastlines, one lining the Atlantic sea in the west and the other, the Algarve Coast, covers the coast in the south. The Atlantic coast has untouched beaches, while the Algarve coast offers stunning cliff-top scenery. Portugal is also home to luscious vineyards, olive groves and charming villages inland. It doesn’t matter […]



Spain is famous for its brilliant coastline, charming culture, colourful festivals, exciting cities and mouth watering food. It is, at the same time both vibrant and relaxing. Andalucia is a great destination for alluring architecture and packed history; the Canary Islands are home to beautiful volcanic sandy beaches, Mallorca is known for its elegance, glamour […]



Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia, and the 5th largest in Europe and has a population of 9 million. Sweden is home to a wide variety of landscapes – from the thick pine forests and towering mountains in the north, to the rolling hills and stunning beaches in the south, pair this with fashionable […]



Switzerland, a mountainous and landlocked country in Central Europe is surrounded by 5 countries: Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, France to the west, Italy to the south and Germany to the north. This country is home to some of the worlds greatest ski slopes and mountain peaks and many luxurious Swiss resorts, from famous […]


United Kingdom

Taking into account it’s relatively small size, the United Kingdom manages to pack in a staggering quantity of history, culture and landscapes into this region. We believe that Britain is a pretty memorable place. If you go visit Britain the right way it’ll give you a wonderful insight into this region lined with overflowing quantities […]

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