Won’t even turn over. New batt new cables new starter. Was this . I just don't recall which series of cars it's related to. My parents think it might be the starter and not the battery cuz everything comes on, and it will eventually come on after having to turn the key … The security light is a visual … Car won't start, but accessory lights are on. EDIT: Don't throw parts at this problem. It replaces the GTP, which means that the G6 is no longer available with a manual transmission. It's not making any kind of sound except the clicking noise. PONTIAC … It clicks and acts like it wants to start but not enough power to crank it at all. Was having battery terminal issues. We additionally allow variant types and as a consequence type of the books to browse. It's Now September 2011 And I Haven't Had A Tuneup Yet. The air was flowing, but not cold. Seems like no signal going to the starter. it ran out of gas , after replacing the gas the car won't start. I have a 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP w/ GM/L:22733524 key fob to remotely start my vehicle. Comment; Flag; More. Signal wire is receiving battery voltage when key is turned. Maintenance/Repairs. The lights and everything works inside but it doesn't say anything when you try to crank it. … Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your G6 yourself? 2008 pontiac g6, won't turn over, all the lights come on, radio come on. 2008 pontiac g6 3.5L. For 2008, the Pontiac G6 line-up has a new model: the GXP, which includes a 3.6-litre V6 with six-speed automatic transmission, leather seats, unique fascias and rocker panels, body-coloured mirror caps and dual chrome exhaust tips. Now everything powered works but it wont turn over and the odometer reads ERROR. it just clicks when you try to start it. I finally took it into the … 2008 Pontiac G6 4dr Sdn SE Selling my 2008 Pontiac G6 , 2nd owner have had this car for 11 years . Good Answers: 26 #25 In reply to #23. 2007 Pontiac G6 Base-Maintenance & Repair. helpful? July 4, 2016, 9:48pm #1. Could you please tell me what's wrong with it. I didn't know if anybody else has this problem and if they could help my diagnose it. Review for 2008 G6 GXP edition: Started off great as all new cars do. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 23, 2017. When you turn the key nothing happens except all the lights and gauges come on like normal. Professional at Justanswer.com. 7 Answers. This is the second time this has happened in 3 months. Level 1: An expert who has achieved level 1. 2008 pontiac g6 3.5L. Location: 18N 65W o . @102,000 $3,500 for repair of a cracked wave plate inside the transmission. 2006 Pontiac G6 2.4L - Cranks but won't start The starter went out and I replaced it with a new one. She turned on the car for a few minutes and came back out. My wife’s car is driving me nuts!! @36k the AC Compressor went. jrice. This means the brushes are worn or the … the battery has been tested and is work at full power. But if you have filled up and it won't start try pushing the gas pedal to the floor and holding it wide open while cranking. Any thoughts? Car won’t start or even try to start 1 Answer. Still … The car will not turnover nor will it crank. 6 Posts . Print this page; Share this page × Ad. New Friend: An expert that … It worked fabulously until recently when I attempted to use my remote car starter, instead of starting the car it just set off the alarm. While there are a variety of reasons your Pontiac G6 won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter. Relevance. The 2007 Pontiac G6 has 4 problems reported for no start just click. Yes. … Recently had all rotors and pads done . Comes with 4 winters on separate rims maybe one more season left on them . I had a diagnostic scanner put on it and the one code was … The manufacturer was not notified. I Bought The Car In 2010. 1 Posts . Rick Williams. The lights on the dash came on the ac turned on and the radio works but I get … Car will not start don't even click 2 Answers. Edward. Associate Degree. This turns off the injectors and clears fuel vapors just like for a flooded engine. Do the lights dim? 30 minutes later, I turn the key and "click, click. 06 Pontiac g6 gt won't start. The brake lights are needed to activate the start function. Posted by Connie on Sep 13, 2013. Join Date: Feb 2011. 2006 Pontiac G6 2.4L - Cranks but won't start 1 Answer. 38% of the time it's Went to the store shut car off now will not start tried to jump it will not even make a sound has bright lights . Car will not start don't even click 2 Answers. I have a pontiac G6 2008 and battery was bad so i had someone switch them out for me only he hooked cables up wrong and it spit smoke out the radiator. Average failure mileage is 119,350 miles. Pontiac - G6 :: 2008 - A/C Only Work Half Of Time? Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 26, 2012. Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 AT 1:57 PM (Merged) HMAC300 EXPERT; Try … pontiac g6 Pontiac intersection bad driver bad driving funny click to load Disqus comments for this story This enables Disqus, Inc. to process some of your data. pontiac 2006 G6, my car suddenly stopped working so i bought a new starter, it still wont start and now has a lock symbol on dashboard that was never there before. The contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the check engine sensor light suddenly illuminated and a chime sounded before the vehicle stalled. answer. She attempted to start … Favorite Answer. The failure mileage … Under body is great no rust has never had body work of any kind . Judd0081. I have a 2007 Pontiac G6, when i turn the key to start it, everything will turn on except for the engine, it will just make a loud pop noise. Guru. g6. The contact owns a 2008 Pontiac G6. Fixed it but a few days ago my wife drove it and it wouldn't start. Answer Save. Went and pulled starter and it's good, battery good, replaced starter wire. It cranked after that snd i let ot run for sbout 5 min and turned it off. I noticed that when it was working, I heard a fast clicking/chirping sometimes. i have a 2006 pontiac g6. Re: Car Won't Start 2006 Pontiac G6 09/14/2013 8:37 PM. No start. Car won’t start or even try to start 1 Answer. Get it diagnosed. Went to the store shut car off now will not start tried to jump it will not even make a sound has bright lights . It is very cold here all of a sudden and the battery was getting weak anyway so I put a new one in and it does the same thing. 4,376 satisfied customers. Want Answer 0. Lights are still bright, radio working fine etc. It won't start using my remote sta..." Answer Save. No crank no start no click – GM. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. pontiac. Register to Reply: JWthetech. I tried and still nothing. The G6 comes with a choice of four engines. Turned the key to RUN/CRANK. What have you tried so far? Mar 11, 2012. It just won't start. 05 Pontiac Montana acts like dead batter but won’t jump and with new battery just makes a click when I try to start it? I hear a clicking sound the only lights that come on is the blinking security light. The G6 … GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #PIP4208 to deal with a no crank, no start, no click situation on the following vehicles: 2006-2008 Chevrolet Cobalt 2006-2008 Chevrolet HHR 2006-2008 Chevrolet Malibu 2007-2008 Pontiac G5 2007-2008 Pontiac G6 2006 Pontiac Pursuit (Canada Only) 2006-2008 Pontiac Solstice 2006-2007 Saturn ION 2006-2008 … I Have A 2008 Pontiac G6. Already replaced the starter and all the relays but same problem. Also, the check engine was on, usually just when the air was not being cooled. You may need to replace the brake switch and sub-harness as per technical service bulletin NTB10-139. New batt new cables. Okay, so the problem started after my wife drove the car for about an hour. I Bought The Car In 2010. 7 years ago. After driving my 2006 g6 gtp for a long while after killing it it won't start back up until you let it set for a while. I have a Pontiac G6 3.5L v6 that won’t start. So I tried with my other key fob, and the same thing happened. My car won't start it just shut off and wouldn't start back up. Parts and labor cost me $1,100 at the Phil Smith Chevrolet dealership (pontiac is out of business and chevrolet handles their remaining factory warranty). And yes. Posts: 921. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. what is the c … read more New batt new cables new starter. 2007 Pontiac G6 Base-Maintenance & Repair. what does the lock symbol came on my dashboard all of a sudden and the car wont start now, it will make noise like it wants to start but doesnt 5 Answers. Sometimes it starts but only after it sets a while … read more. It clicks once, my radio and lights work. Get Free Pontiac G6 2008 Manual Pontiac G6 2008 Manual|pdfahelveticai font size 11 format Right here, we have countless book pontiac g6 2008 manual and collections to check out. 2008 Pontiac G6 GT Driving me nuts! The usual book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research, as well as various extra sorts of books are … It's Now September 2011 And I Haven't Had A Tuneup Yet. I reconnected Neg_Batt and got in to test. When I go to start the car it just clicks once in the fuse box. Just clicking the solenoid will not turn the starter even ran an external ground fom negative to starter body. 08 G6 had it for 5 years. No. Check the brake lights when you turn on ignition and push on the brakes.... Read more Car is idling rough and … I pulled it out of the garage and it started just fine. 1 Answer. The last couple of days when turning the key I noticed it was taking a little more effort to start so today I got home turned the car off and wanted to really take a listen to what was going on when I started it so I turned the key and it wouldn’t turn on. Then I replaced both batteries on the key fobs, and still the same thing happened. The vehicle was restarted and functioned normally but the gauges were inoperable. Here is my issue: several months ago, my a/c started to only work about 50% the of the time. The screen reads error, and it wouldn't read the diagnostic or OH check. 1 Answer. Lv 5.