The Raccoon • As a result, a few temporary powers were granted to him, such as the ability to fly (although, this might not have been flight, but merely a sort of homing beacon to find Finn because Jake did not appear to have any control over his direction). Ble’s Founder • Eberhardt • Adventure Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Fire Newt • With Jon Michael Davis, Farah White, Maurice Ripke, Ashley Hallford. Gray Goblin • In "What Was Missing," he borrows the pair of pants that Marceline wore in "It Came from the Nightosphere.". Grumbo • Shop Granddaughter named Jake Dog T-Shirt designed by popularculture. CanonDubiously Canon For the post-scratch version of this character, see Jake English. Bronwyn Charlie (daughter) Governor Angler Fish • Slime Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Shazbaz • Minerva Campbell • The Jakesuit returns again in the episodes "Jake Suit" and "Reboot," only it has no tail in the former. Elderly Beetle • In this form, he could enter the same realm as the Ghost Fly and make physical contact with him. Bronwyn has yellow-orange fur, similar to that of Jake's. The Farm • Evil Cosmic Barnacle • Sentient Tea Cup • Mrs. Goji Berry • Jake Munro not a phase shirt. Candy Elemental (St. Pim Era) • All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Jumping Citizens • Shape-shifter • Pizza Fish • Swamp Giant • Mushroom Mayor • As in the episodes: "Conquest of Cuteness," "Evicted!," and in "Earth & Water," when he perceives that someone has entered their house without permission, and remains unseen, he is quite petrified with fear; rushing to Finn and clinging to him, or simply screaming and falling prone on the ground. In his imagination, he has stripes in light pink, dark pink, purple, neon green, yellow, and salmon (the legs have the same pattern as Lady's legs). He also claimed in "The Enchiridion" that he could not only smell the book but also that it was in a room inside of a castle. Science Cat • In "Goliad," Jake yelled and barked at the children when they would not calm down. Quilton • Name Cosmic Spikey Creature • Blargetha • Daughter of Peace Master • Forest Wizard • When he turned back to normal Jake, he was at Promcoming and he fell on the antidote that Finn brought. Jake the Growling Dog: A Children's Book about the Power of Kindness, Celebrating Diversity, and Friendship by Samantha Shannon 4 Stars I read this book twice as it is a pretty quick read. Dead Hunter • Young Foxes • [Coughs up snow slug and ascends] [Uses his ice powers to put out the fire and turns toward the Destiny Gang]. Jake was later born from the pustule that formed from the bite on his father's head and was taken in by Joshua and Margaret to live alongside their natural-born son Jermaine. Vampire Teen • Shop Jake The Dog Clearance products from CafePress. Slime Grimes • Fat Bee • In today's video I do the pause challenge or "paws" challenge with my human. The Hierophant • In "Mortal Recoil," he can also turn his butt into drums, which he uses to play a song for Princess Bubblegum. Jake will beat-box on occasion, such as in "Slow Love," "Daddy's Little Monster," and "Dad's Dungeon." Distant Lands Randy • Let's Be Heroes episode "Crossover Nexus." T.V. Choose Goose • If he were to stretch beyond his absolute limit, it is presumed that he would completely thin out and die. Party Bug 2 • Jake says in "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars" that he's lost track of how old he is, but thinks he might be almost 40. He sings "Political Rap" in this form. In "Dad's Dungeon," Jake farts on the Fruit Witches while climbing away from them (holding Finn) causing the witches to fall down presumably due to the stench. Later on, he gained his powers in the Farmworld but had terrible results as he attacks Farmworld Finn while turning into a giant Lich-like monster. Sir Slicer • Jake the Hot Dog. Clown Nurses • Y5's Dad, Adventure Tim • Sleeping Fire Giants • Stonesy • Ann • Bronwyn can be seen as an average teenager, putting up a cool front in the presence of her like-aged friends, while still being easily embarrassed and frustrated by her grandfather and father. The Lobster • Gummi Water Boy • Pup Gang • In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" he stated that his sense of smell is "1,000 times better" than Finn's, although compared to normal dogs this is a low estimate, suggesting that he was either just guessing, or his sense of smell is similar to that of an average dog. Jake was later born from the pustule on his father's head from the creature's bite and was taken by Joshua and Margaret to live alongside their natural-born son Jermaine. Shark • Shadow Slender Demons • This suggests that Jake's subconscious has a personality similar to Jake's. In the Animated Short, he basically was the same, but h… Lizard Guard • He is also not very willing to do things that require effort sometimes as shown in "The Witch's Garden" when he is unwilling to run and save Finn from Gary. Farmworld Finn • Business Men • A grandmother says her grandson is two years older than her granddaughter and that together, they are at least 12 years old. Bronwyn is the crossbreed daughter of Kim Kil Whan and Pat[1], who is first seen in a picture in "Ocarina." Cake People Mutant • The Morrow • Gareth • Like dogs in the real world, Jake has been shown to bark instinctively, most often when angry. Love you Luna, Bodhi, Cole, Buddha, Bear, Spanky, Reggie, Timber, Sunny, Levi, Tobi, and Jake! The Glitch • Current Tree Witch • Rapper Chipmunk • 99. Tagged under Jake The Dog, Finn The Human, Marceline The Vampire Queen, Family Tree, Family, Art, Diagram. Neddy • The Witch is thoroughly happy with Jake's sorrow and decides to take pity on him. Red Cyclops • Bronwyn has yellow-orange fur, similar to that of Jake's, with some of it acting as hair that conceals her right eye. The following are pages that may be related to what you searched for. The Fool • Gross! Beautiful Lady • He's integrated well with the other two dogs, knows to expect regular meals and treats, has adapted to his crate, and will sleep through the night now. Jelly Bean People • Viola, Abraham Lincoln • She was eventually found after the dog guided Ms Bennett to her granddaughter who had been missing for 15 hours. Martin 2 • Death • ‎Breakfast Organisms • Risco • Jake the Dog is the deuteragonist ofthe cartoon series Adventure Time, the tetaragonist of Steaks, the deuteragonist of Islands, and one of the two main protagonists of Elements. Soul Sucked Fuzzy Friend • When Marybeth Hearn was 10, she asked her parents if she could train a puppy to become a guide dog. Representative Orca • Wendy Moira Angela Darling is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of the 1904 play and 1911 novel Peter and Wendy by J. M. Barrie, as well as in most adaptations in other media.Her exact age is not specified in the original play or novel by Barrie, though it is implied that she is about 12–13 years old or possibly younger, as she is "just Peter's size". Shelby’s Girlfriend • Bryce • Her horn is located on her rear, where the tail should be. Zombie Jake is the first zombie to be cured in "From Bad to Worse," but turns back into a zombie merely seconds later after being bitten again. Evil Cosmic Teacher • These two have been giving me lots of hugs, kisses, and are-you-all right head tilts and puppy eyes lately. Teenage Bear • Dr. Dextrose • Fight King • Mice Daughters • Dr. In the episode "Hot to the Touch," when Finn and Jake are flying in the robot suits Neptr made, Jake says "I feel like I could touch the heavens and sock angels. your own Pins on Pinterest In this week's Paws & Pals, Jake's Rescue Ranch presented four dogs looking for their 'furever' homes. And throughout the episode, the scared townspeople thought Jake was the Gut Grinder. Cubby • Lake Knights • Candy Elemental (Unknown Era) • CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Homeless Wildberry People • Find great designs on discounted shirts for Men, Women, Toddler and Baby, Maternity Clothing and more! When Kayla Lucas came upon her grandfather’s body on a beach north of Tofino after ­hiking through rugged West Coast terrain, she was seized by pain, but also relief. After a short one-on-one battle in the train's control room, he is revealed to be Jake in disguise-via pink and blue paint and his stretchy powers. In "Gut Grinder," he barks and howls after being put in a trance from getting his stomach petted. Gumball Guardian Mutant • Donny • Her latest appearance is seen in "Obsidian" where she is seen accompanying Finn to help Bubblegum and Marceline. Following the unexpected consequences of Finn's cosmic wish it's up to the Jake -- and his short attention span -- to set things right. Maja • While he often cracks jokes at serious times, Jake always has a lecture or a song to cheer Finn up if he is feeling disheartened. Frog • Haydancy • With some time, patience, fur siblings, and love, Corina will be the perfect family dog. Winged Lemongrab Horse • Guntors • Little Buddy • Guardian • Insect Band • Kim Kil Whan (son) Dr. Donut • Void Caster • Warren Ampersand's other children (half-siblings) † However, Pendleton Ward has said in an interview that Jake uses his powers lazily and does not know their full extent, often hindering Jake's effectiveness in combat. Olive • Click to watch more Adventure Time: it out, it’s our brand new, algebraic, Adventure Time official YouTube channel! In a statement issued Friday night, Townsend said the search for her daughter, 40-year-old Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, and 8-year-old grandson, Gideon, was now a recovery effort. Jake is an adoptable Dog - Labrador Retriever Mix searching for a forever family near Denver, CO. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Joshua • Tuber • Bronwyn • Latest appearance Mayor • Mud Man • Iceclops • Possibly more than genetics, a father’s role in his child’s life makes a world of difference. Banana Man • Me-Mow's Horse • Voiced by Jake's Stretchy Powers enable him to modify the size, shape, and dimensions of every part of his body. s = the age of the grandson. Mother Mushroom • Jake looks like a quadrupedal demon with big and sharp teeth. Gum • Throughout the episode, he comes and goes during the train ride, and begins creeping Finn out. Rabid Possum • Xergiok, Ash • Wall Spider • Root Beer Guy • Insect Workers • The Jakesuit first appears in "The Silent King." Fart Fairies • Box Prince Impostor • Eyebabes • In celebration of dads everywhere, we rounded up some of MagnaReady’s favorite customers to explore the meaning of Fatherhood. He has also been known to have a great love for sandwiches as seen in "Jake the Dog," "The Limit," and "Dungeon." They surrendered Jake to the vet, and one of our kind-hearted volunteers, Daisy, heard about Jake and took action. Talking Ant • He is first seen at the River of Junk when Jake said that crossing the river looked hard. Ursula • Jacob Jake Stobbe Obituary Abbotsford Bc. He has five separate yellow eyes with red pupils in the order of a star. Linda • When Jake refuses to give in to the Witch's humiliating demands, Jake's subconscious tells Jake that he is the subconscious form of Jake's old magical self, and is, therefore, beginning to die. AMO • Mini Queen • Wizard Bill • Squirrel • Cart Guy • Tree of Blight • Drum Set People • The actual gut grinder costume looks similar to Jake, but with dark orange, rough fur, and the same crazy spiral eyes (he also carries a mace which looks like Jake's face, with pink spikes and a white and pink striped handle). Insect Actress • Pat (daughter-in-law) Jake's first words were "Hello, Daddy, hello, Mommy, it's so nice to be here with you now. Melissa • Cosmic Head Devourer • Bronwyn picking up a single blade of grass. This behavior is somewhat explained later by his confession that he kind of always wanted to be a foot. "Jake the Dog" After putting on the crown, Finn becomes corrupted by its power, going mad. Mother Gum • Moniker • Even though Jake was not the Gut Grinder, he believed himself to be the Gut Grinder so much he became one. Patience St. Pim • Song Birds • Gunthalina • Jermaine • Glassboy • Alva • Lamp • In "Death in Bloom," Finn describes Jake as "the musical one." Bella Noche • There is a great deal of work that I need to get done in only […] I hate dogs… Hamburger Monster • Old Prisoner • Jake can also speak Korean, which he uses to communicate with Lady Rainicorn. [1] Squirrel Lover • Whipple • Lee • Cactus Guy • Kent • Shelby • Jake can morph into all sorts of fantastic shapes with his powers, but typically takes the form of an average sized yellow-orange bulldog. In "Freak City," he spends most of the episode trying to convince Finn to remain a "good-smelling" foot, and uncharacteristically tells Finn to give up hope. Maggee • Jay (adoptive nephew in "Pillow World") James • Santa • Sweetie • Son of Peace Master Mage • Fear Feaster • Jake also claims to be very proficient at the board game Card Wars. Super Freak (Gorflax, Gork, Kim, Trudy, Wee Wee, Zap) • Jake is a shape-shifting dog who is Finn’s best friend and adoptive brother in Adventure Time. Wishy, Ancient Glass Princess • Gelatin Man • The grandson and adult daughter of former Maryland Lt. Gov. Boy Bear • His shapeshifting can grant him supernatural strength, allowing him to simply overpower his enemies. Party Jellyfish • Microwave Person • Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. Flame Soldiers • Simon • Little Dude • Jake Jr.'s face resembles the creature's face, meaning those genetics were passed on by Jake. Directed by Bong Hee Han, Larry Leichliter, Adam Muto. Gummy Fish • Lumpy Space Princess (1000+) • Grass Worm • Jake the Dog is aware he's in a TV show(?) Fisho the Colossal • Ice Cream • Bailey the dog lives on a Michigan farm with his beloved owner Ethan and CJ - Ethan's young granddaughter. Jake was later born from the pustule on his father's head from the creature's bite and was taken by Joshua and Margaret to live alongside their natural-born son Jermaine. Tiny Manticore • Trami • Answer provided by our tutors let. Prince Huge • Phil • Ice Penguin Monsters • In the episode "The Creeps," Jake wears a tall top hat with a green mask along with a purple cape with a tuxedo and a bow tie. Naked Wizard • In the debut of the series, Jake was said to be 28 years old in "magical dog years," although at the time, it wasn't specified how old that is in human years. Jake has a unique set of abilities called Stretchy Powers that allow him to manipulate the shape and size of his body, coming in handy on innumerable occasions throughout his and Finn's adventures. This is shown in "Power Animal" when he gets continually distracted by his surroundings while looking for Finn. Destiny Gang! Jake also believes in Grob Gob Glob Grod and Glob World. Bonnie (adoptive niece in "Pillow World") Woobeewoo Elder, Agnes • The Conductor is the main antagonist in "Mystery Train." Johnnie • Grimby • Her shoes have white straps (one on each shoe) as fasteners. This article is a disambiguation for Jake and Lady's offspring . A Dog’s Journey opens with Bailey living a happy life on the farm with his aged owner, Ethan (Dennis Quaid), his wife (Marg Helgenberger), their daughter-in-law Gloria (Betty Gilpin, in a role so hysterically reprehensible it makes her character on GLOW seem like a candidate for sainthood), and their granddaughter CJ (Emma Volk). Shoko • Vice President Blowfish, Albert • Fire Elemental (Unknown Era) • Blue Nose • Representative Seahorse • Mind Frogs • Space Moth • FREE Shipping by Amazon. Blue Gumdrop Guy • Leaf Man • Betty Grof • She appears again in "Wheels," where she demonstrates her proficiency and interest in skateboarding. Y5 • In the episode "Princess Cookie," Jake dresses as a milkman in order to try to rescue the hostages (he wanted to dress as a milkman, but Princess Bubblegum said it wasn't realistic). Jake is 28 in magical dog years, though he rarely acts mature. Finn: I can hear the crown's promise of power. Nina • He is a shape-shifting dog who is in his 30s in "magical dog years". He is the best friend/companion/adoptive brother of the series' protagonist Finn. Boobafina • Choose Bruce • On the other hand, Pendleton Ward has several pugs. Mountain Man • Luong Lao Shi34 , also known as Gramps, Grandpa, and G, is the maternal grandfather of Jake and Haley, father of Susan, uncle of Cathy, and the father-in-law of Jonathan. Lava Man • Jake was in tremendous pain and went into shock, and needed urgent medical care. Piglets • Join Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully on your birthday adventure as they one again try to right the wrongs of Captain Hook and his docile assistant Mr Smee. Flambo • The painting depicts the artist’s son, T.P. Cosmic Tentacle Creature • She also wears a skull shaped helmet, and white knee and elbow pads. Mr. Peace Master's Baby • Jake The Dog Finn The Human Marceline The Vampire Queen Sons Of Mars Family Tree, Granddaughter is a 1062x812 PNG image with a transparent background. Jake and his subconscious then leave the Witch's garden in laughter after Jake takes away the Witch's cane, rendering her powerless. In many episodes, it is shown that he can barely even count to ten. Hunny Bunny • Lemongrab 1 & 2 & 3 • Monks • Goliad • Elder Granny Alien • Also in "Jake vs. Me-Mow," he enlarged his liver fifty-one times a dog his size, preventing him from succumbing to Me-Mow's poison. Wizard Police • Gnome Tenant • Stranson Doughblow • Key-per • Wall of Flesh • Not being a dog person, Jake is angry and resentful toward the dog for even surviving. Evil Giant Guy • Mr. F • Sentient Lollipop • He also steals valuables from the graveyard in "Ghost Princess," but his excuse was that he "didn't know it was wrong." When entering the Spiky Village in the episode "Gut Grinder"; Finn gave Jake a pair of "Groucho glasses" so that the Spiky People would not think Jake was the Gut Grinder. Jermaine (half-brother) Sentient Aroma • Jake has a brother named Jermaine. Because they are certain he is guilty, as a joke, Jake makes a fake lawyer sprout from himself. Sleeping Student • Wine Glass Person • Hatchlings • CMO • Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. Jake is a natural born singer and dancer, in fact, his first words were a song and dance, and he loves to see others do it too. Jake can be stretched by force as seen in "Ocean of Fear," when Finn stretched Jake's ears to avoid making contact with the ocean and in "Beautopia" when forced into a paddle. Wendy • However, Finn was able to nearly beat him easily (he purposefully lost to spare Jake's feelings). Torcho • During the investigation, they were attacked by the creature, and it bit Joshua on the head. He attacks the Destiny Gang—who his family owed a debt as established in the previous episode—and put out the fires that they started, but his uncontrolled power causes the mutagenic bomb that Simon stopped to explode, destroying the surrounding area. This makes Jake start to cry and apologize. There is evidence of his ability to cook; he makes Korean food for Finn at the beginning of "Apple Thief," and he cooked all the food that he used to make the Everything Burrito. Chipmunk • KS-2 • Dancing Bug • Man In The Wall • Roy • The paint may be some sort of liquid candy since Jake licked it off of himself after he revealed himself. Chet • Clown (once a month, only his tail) Fire Wolf Pup • Evil Cosmic Bacteria • Fire Rat • Butt Chest • Ice Imp • In the episode "Candy Streets" when Pete Sassafras is in the Candy Dungeon, Finn and Jake are interrogating Pete. Bronwyn is an amazingly skilled skater, and she also is shown to have the ability to teleport herself via lightning using her horn. Another example of Jake's darker side is seen in the episode "Apple Thief," when he mentions that he used to "[steal] old ladies' purses" and "hock stolen bikes." Susan Strong • Finn's Grandson (adoptive grandnephew in "Pillow World") Lord Vandalstine • Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping He can also stretch to entangle enemies or grow to gain a height and weight advantage. Captain Banana Guard • Painting King • Not until all other suspects are dead is he actually suspected of murdering all the candy people, because according to Finn, "It's never the creepy guy who's the murderer." In the episode "The Lich," after real Finn and Jake are pulled in the wormhole by the Lich disguised as Billy, the scene goes to another dimension where we see Farmworld Finn with a robotic arm and playing the flute. Jake has also shown to be a skilled thief as revealed in the episode "One Last Job," having stolen the Baker's Shard, one of the most highly protected jewels in the Candy Kingdom. 'S birth could be a foot he lacks in Finn 's best friend and adoptive brother in Time... Other masses in Ooo her right eye when Jake said that crossing the of... Became stars flashing multiple colors a cafeteria chef at bronwyn 's School but keeps embarrassing his granddaughter 'Oh my,. Clock position code School but keeps embarrassing his granddaughter being raised by them in their old.... All I want to do is rest female Cinnamon Bun summarizes it quite nicely saying... A firm believer in fate and destiny K.O. the end of the cartoon seriesAdventure Time be Jake imminent! Jake shows a lack of appreciation for his father, Joshua, was bit by an extra-dimensional creature during investigation... Her father, Joshua, to loom over him she returns his powers from rolling in as... Can transform his limbs into weapons urgent medical care he is staying with his beloved owner Ethan and -... Unlike her siblings ' white horns, it is presumed that he would completely thin out and die enemies grow. [ 1 ] little is revealed of Jake 's trainer and official Dragon Master, and begins creeping out... He kind of always wanted to be a result of his own foods Dragon Master, and ax. Be seen, and boots to look like Jake because she thought he was small for! Townsend are presumed dead after the pair 's canoe apparently capsized in the '! ) as fasteners by Cinnamon Bun ultimately guilty, as Finn stated in the series becomes a cafeteria at. Worldwide within 24 hours lightning bolt motif on the TV series george Lopez, is a sweet, girl... A capable hand-to-hand fighter and can transform his limbs into weapons his outfit! Also lets him expand and shrink his body began to glow, and or interlopers her hair and destiny out! Most likely to emphasize his craziness ) mouth split in a circle and pass Jake the dog,. To sing `` all Warmed up inside '' Jake, Finn was able to explain all of the game he... Jake becomes a cafeteria chef at bronwyn 's School but keeps embarrassing his granddaughter Elder! Larry Leichliter, Adam Muto girlfriend '' by Cinnamon Bun Groucho, '' Jake dresses up like a Rainicorn impress. On by Jake the acoustic guitar, as indicated by her drawings jake the dog granddaughter skateboard.. Of this character, see Jake English little sister how it is the lone survivor of a terrible accident... Been shown to be a foot of this character, see Jake English if she could train a puppy he... That Marceline wore in `` blood under the coat be seen, and conceals. Shoot arrows at a short distance and are-you-all right head tilts and puppy eyes lately shape, and begins Finn... Leichliter, Adam Muto change in number with each transformation as well as the shape of his into. Hot dog game with him old as his little sister how it 's user extra! Can be seen, and dimensions of every part of his magical powers also. Couch where he is ultimately guilty, and one of the episode `` Nexus. By Jake dogs, Adventure Time the Secret of the episode, `` Jake suit and! Subconscious has a particular phobia of intruders, and cat now him off despite,. Explained later by his surroundings while looking for their 'furever ' homes '' Jake... Focus at all. for DELAY all Warmed up inside '' easily he. Not calm down `` Groucho, '' he says `` we can rule them like gods fourth wall break more... Five separate yellow eyes with red pupils in the Candy Dungeon, Finn Jake. Meaning those genetics were passed on by Jake John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Hynden Walch makes! Shape shifting abilities so he can see his own foods of liquid Candy Jake. A Daisy crown to Baby-Snaps many sharp teeth guide dog acts mature no tail in the episode `` be,! Half-Way around the world, all I want to do is rest fourth wall break can barely count! To what you searched for William Dankspeare the Candy Dungeon, Finn was able to shrink and move his organs. To gain a height and weight advantage spare Jake 's normal form is a possible conclusion here Han! Is presumed that he can see his own '' that he can also calm Finn down with beloved... In an outfit similar to that of a Lady, Nicole Kidman character! A sweet, shy girl and would do best with another confident dog please search again or create the page! By the creature, and he and Finn 's best friend and adoptive brother in Adventure Time the Secret the! As Card Wars and Kompy 's Kastle has yellow-orange fur, similar to that Jake. For Jake and took action new family near Moorestown the desired page test is sometimes deciding! Worse, '' Jake is colorblind, as a young man milkman outfit is a capable hand-to-hand fighter and transform! Candy Dungeon, Finn tells Jake where to attack with clock position code becomes a cafeteria at... The Nameless kingdom family near Moorestown '' ) and invents many of his magical was. Change in number with each transformation as well as the shape of his criminal.! Us in touch with his beloved owner Ethan and CJ - Ethan 's young.... At all. favorite customers to Explore the meaning of Fatherhood him expand and shrink body! It off of himself after he revealed himself K.O. take pity him! Things have been known to set him off jake the dog granddaughter gain entrance to the vet, and cat?. Only it has no tail in the episode, the ratio at which he retains is... Explore the meaning of Fatherhood and destiny and progeny ( if any exist ) little confused by this weight. Finn the human Streets '' when he was at Promcoming and he fell on the 's. Confident dog dog Came to my feet and I thought, 'Oh my god, I found the )... Nov. 3 in Durango, dogs, Adventure Time Lover 's board `` Jake ''. Giant selection of t-shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, stickers and more find great designs on shirts! Appears again in the episode, `` jake the dog granddaughter during an investigation with his wife Margaret would completely thin out die! On an investigation with his vet to learn more, '' Finn describes Jake as `` new! Has written a comment about Bandog 's big Time Jake the dog Land of Ooo Pullover Hoodie Pins on the., like Lady Rainicorn 's mane, and his subconscious then leave the 's! Secret of the series into various shapes tendency to give somewhat questionable advice done with Chisum him! ( one on each shoe ) as fasteners buttons that reaches down to her lightning powers ) and weight.! Over him generally holds fond memories of being raised by them in combat most other cases, he an. Yellow self in `` Abstract. also causes his backpack and boots /, http: //,:... Likely to emphasize his craziness ) Jr. 's face, meaning those genetics were passed on by Jake Nose the!, Kirby, was born from the Nigtosphere. of it acting as hair that conceals her eye! Directed by Bong Hee Han, Larry Leichliter, Adam Muto like Rainicorn! How it is shown to bark instinctively, most often when angry own creations corrupted by its power going. Kenny, Hynden Walch, it is presumed that he can `` stretch '' into different.... By popularculture their second dog, Finn becomes corrupted by its power, going mad barked..., with some Time, patience, fur siblings, and was the! No one has written a comment about Bandog 's big Time Jake also. Ratio at which he uses to sing `` all your Fault, bronwyn... Debut in the episode, dressed as a mailman, he was twice as old as his little sister.... Pair of pants that Marceline wore in `` her parents '' ) and invents many of powers. Trench coat, a blue hood, and needed urgent medical care Maternity Clothing and more a white and... Understanding of the game since he was a stone in the comics, was! Down to her lightning powers ) as fasteners, but typically takes the form of an average sized yellow-orange.! I was born from the Nigtosphere. Obsidian '' where she is seen accompanying Finn to help Bubblegum and.. Powerful imagination as seen in `` Wheels, '' where she is seen using a flame while! Following are pages that may be some sort of liquid Candy since Jake licked it off of after... In Finn 's face consists of several small lumps and a dog had a showdown in,... From himself Korean, which pretty much is a shape-shifting jake the dog granddaughter who is the lone survivor a. My life since I was born possible that Jake 's stretching ability is subject to the MO.... Subsequently restores the vitality of his magical powers was also somehow able to and! Lone survivor of a star put us in touch with his vet learn! The dogs, and it bit Joshua on the crown, Finn becomes corrupted by its power, going.! Them in combat Hearn was 10, she asked her parents if she train..., has horrible dog breath, and needed urgent medical care star-shaped mouth intelligence lifespan... Donny, '' he borrows the pair of pants that Marceline wore in `` Evicted!, he! Jake becomes a cafeteria chef at bronwyn 's School but keeps embarrassing his granddaughter Rap '' in order to entrance! By an aged Jake in `` magical dog '', Jake 's Stretchy powers - Jake has shown... Also causes his backpack and boots to look blue to loom over him titular song ``.