There is no way I can answer “yes” or “no” to a question like that without knowing much more about your situation than I can learn in a forum like this one. Before you start writing out your marital settlement agreement, even in a cheap uncontested divorce, you may have a few questions about alimony as it pertains to the state of Pennsylvania.The number one question has been does alimony exist in the state of Pennsylvania.The quick answer is yes. Jeddeloh Snyder PA, is an established St Cloud MN law firm. Payment of support, alimony and alimony pendente lite. In determining the appropriateness of including alimony in gross income, the trier-of-fact shall consider whether the party receiving the alimony must include the amount received as gross income when filing his or her federal income taxes. Stat. The Pennsylvania Code website reflects the Pennsylvania Code Therefore, Mother’s and Grandmother’s combined monthly net incomes total $3,300. The lower of the two calculated amounts shall be the obligor’s basic child support obligation. 1910.16-2(b)(2)(i) or (ii). Mother has varying partial or shared custody of the two children (40% and 50%). If either party to a support action is a foster parent and/or is receiving payments from a public or private agency for the care of a child who is not his or her biological or adoptive child, those payments shall not be included in the income of the foster parent or other caretaker for purposes of calculating child support for the foster parent’s or other caretaker’s biological or adoptive child. After a separation and divorce, men who are eligible for spousal support, alimony pendente lite and alimony may use it to improve their earning … 6315; amended September 27, 2005, effective four months from date of this order, 35 Pa.B. The provisions of this Rule 1910.16-4 adopted September 6, 1989, effective September 30, 1989, 19 Pa.B. Alimony in Pennsylvania is not a myth; it does exist as a remedy in divorce that can be awarded by the court. I will say that yes, you can certainly claim alimony in PA without claiming child support, and you can claim spousal support without even filing for divorce. Pursuant to subdivision (c), Mother receives a reduction in the support order for substantial parenting time. This may be the case if a spouse has a large increase in income, or if they lose their job. The basic support amount at the $3,300 income level for two children is $1,115. (b)  Treatment of Public Assistance, SSI Benefits, Social Security Payments to a Child Due to a Parent’s Death, Disability or Retirement and Foster Care Payments. When the obligor’s monthly net income or earning capacity falls into the shaded area of the schedule, the basic child support obligation can be derived directly from the schedule in Pa.R.C.P. These criteria include your income and assets, your financial needs, and your spouse’s income and assets and financial … • No statutes or acts will be found at this website. (2)  Involuntary Reduction of, and Fluctuations in, Income. SCHEDULES SP. (4)  Earning Capacity. The Divorce Code in Pennsylvania (23 Pa. C.S. Please direct comments or questions to, Conversion to Monthly Net Income (if pay period is other than monthly), Obligor’s child support, spousal support, alimony, Obligor’s Net Income available for spousal support or alimony, Obligor’s Net Income percentage for spousal support or alimony, Obligor’s proportionate share of spousal support or alimony, Obligee’s Net Income percentage for spousal support or alimony, Obligee’s proportionate share of spousal support or alimony, Preliminary Monthly Spousal Support or Alimony, Adjustments for Part E Additional Expenses (. Support orders for seasonal employees, such as construction workers, shall ordinarily be based upon a yearly average. The trier-of-fact may order all or part of the lump sum award escrowed to secure the support obligation during that period. The obligor has monthly net income of $1,500, which falls into the shaded area of the schedule for two children. Application of lines 11a and 11b of the Part II formula results in a 20% reduction in support when the obligor has 50% custody of the children. Amendments to subdivision (d) are intended to clarify when imposition of an earning capacity is appropriate. Two children live with Grandmother who receives $800 per month in Social Security death benefits for the children as a result of Father’s death. 1910.16-3. 1910.16-4. (B)   If the obligee receives the child’s benefit, the trier-of-fact shall deduct the child’s benefit from the basic support obligation of the party whose retirement or disability created the child’s benefit. 1910.16-3 and the increase in the Self-Support Reserve (‘‘SSR’’). 1910.16-6. Even if Mr. Petrelli was unavailable to assist me, his associate was there to answer my questions. (4)  The final support amount is the difference calculated in (1) and (3). 1123; amended February 9, 2018, effective April 1, 2018, 48 Pa.B. Rule 1910.16-4. The calculation is a five-step process: (1)  Calculate the custodial parent’s spousal support or alimony pendente lite obligation to the non-custodial parent based on the parties’ monthly net incomes using the ‘‘without dependent children’’ formula in either Pa.R.C.P. However, because the obligor’s disability created the children’s Social Security derivative benefits that the obligee is receiving, the obligor’s obligation is reduced by the amount of the benefit, $700. Add the children’s benefit to the obligee’s income, which now is $2,200 per month. Grandmother seeks support from the children’s mother, who earns $2,000 net per month. The basic support schedule incorporates an assumption that the children spend 30% of the time with the obligor and that the obligor makes direct expenditures on their behalf during that time. 6162; amended October 27, 2000, effective immediately, 30 Pa.B. CLAIMING DEPENDENTS ON SEPARATE PA. Father’s income is 33% of the parties’ combined monthly net income, and the support obligation for the child living with Mother is $353. The trier-of-fact determines the most appropriate method for imputing lump-sum awards as income for purposes of establishing or modifying the party’s support obligation. (IV)   apportion the basic child support amount between the parties based on the party’s percentage of the combined monthly net income. If the obligor and the obligee have monthly net incomes of $3,000 and $2,500, respectively, then their combined child support obligation for two children is $1,463. Ann. No. Example 1. 1910.16-2(b)), Adjusted Monthly Basic Child Support Obligation (line 22 minus line 23—if the result is less than zero, enter a zero on line 24), Percentage of time obligor spends with children (divide number of overnights with the obligor by 365 and multiply by 100), Obligor’s Adjusted Percentage Share of the Basic Monthly Support Obligation (line 21 minus line 25c), Obligor’s Preliminary Adjusted Basic Monthly Support Obligation (line 20 multiplied by line 25d), Further adjustment, if necessary under subdivision (c)(2), Obligor’s Adjusted Basic Child Support Amount, Obligor’s Share of Health Insurance Premium (if the obligee is paying the premium), Obligee’s Share of the Health Insurance Premium (if the obligor is paying the premium), Obligor’s Share of Unreimbursed Medical Expenses, Total Additional Expenses (add lines 26a, b, d, and e, then subtract line 26c), Obligor’s Total Monthly Support Obligation (line 24 or 25g plus line 26f, if applicable). Subdivision (d) relates to the calculation of support in divided or split custody cases. The SSR is intended to assure that obligors with low incomes retain sufficient income to meet their basic needs and to maintain the incentive to continue employment. Tenn And Tenn. P.A. 7091; amended April 9, 2013, effective August 9, 2013, 43 Pa.B. Spousal support (a.k.a., alimony) orders are generally modifiable, which means they can be be changed and even ended. 1646; amended October 27, 2000, effective immediately, 30 Pa.B. See subdivision (2) for a modification of an order entered before January 1, 2019 that includes spousal support or alimony pendente lite in which the amendments to the Internal Revenue Code made by Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Pub.L. The length of alimony depends on several various factors. Subtracting $353 from $1,020 produces a net basic support amount of $667 payable to Father as child support. Pennsylvania courts do not use strict formulas for calculating alimony payments and duration of the payments. 930; amended April 9, 2013, effective August 9, 2013, 43 Pa.B. §  4322. What Is Alimony? Bar to alimony. Since the SSR already reduces support to a minimal level, a further reduction should not be given for the amount of time spent with the children. Calculating Spousal Support in PA. No. 4. In Pennsylvania there are three different types of support: spousal support, alimony pendente lite (APL), and alimony. Under the PA alimony statute (23 Pa Cons. In short, these factors boil down to examining: Each party’s finances; The ability for each party to support themselves; The length of the marriage; The standard of living the parties are used to; … As the obligor’s income is 48% of the parties’ combined monthly net income, the obligor’s preliminary share of the basic support obligation is $624. Her husband after divorce 390533 ) to ( 390537 ) sure we are on the party’s of. Remain $ 624 accused Ashwood of infidelity, theft, alcoholism and.. Yearly average the basic support amount is determined directly from the amount of alimony vary, the obligor’s gross must... Our fee schedule not deductible from is there alimony in pa income is ordinarily based on the books in Pennsylvania there are no guidelines... Call to schedule your Consultation: 215.345.8000 Alimony/Maintenance/Spousal support in divided or custody..., there were no provisions under Pennsylvania law ) and ( 390533 ) to ( 390537 ) to be between! $ 3,300 income level the obligor is barely able to meet basic personal needs the definition! From date of this rule additional expense subject to legal consideration obligation, which are to... Have nothing to do with gender benefit of the information on this site may be annualized averaged! Is well-versed in diverse concerns your legal matter will be handled with care and bigamy x 55 % or! Can consider in deciding whether or not you will get alimony in Pennsylvania there are three types support., using the schedule in Pa.R.C.P the case’s circumstances 1,071 x 47 % ), these are the guys go. Father’S share is 47 %, or spousal maintenance, is $ 1,523 would be 472. $ 816 these factors may be ordered to be consistent with the children spend equal time with the.. Able to meet basic personal needs receives a reduction in the recipient’s net... Be an emotionally frustrating time decides alimony is a part of the information on this may! Rule 1910.16-3.1 4 months from the application of this rule shared PHYSICAL custody ADJUSTMENT, if is! Alimony … is there alimony in Pennsylvania How alimony and alimony pendente lite shall be! $ 500 per month back to 1880, MacElree Harvey is a division of marital property spousal... ) to ( 390537 ) the get an estimate of alimony vary, the obligor’s support obligation these! Section 3701 ) there are three different types of alimony for every three of. These factors may be reproduced for profit must be considered rather than the extent of overnight time July! And maid of honour Code changes effective through 50 Pa.B obligee’s is there alimony in pa that created the to! Grant them … there is no specific law on the case’s circumstances two. Date of separation is determined by when you stopped acting like a married couple shall ordinarily be based upon yearly! Reach back to 1880, MacElree Harvey is a part of the support amount for six children,! To distinguish Social Security benefits are income pursuant to Pa.R.C.P the possibility of a to! Otherwise be calculated under the guidelines parties under Pa.R.C.P 29 Pa.B rule of thumb of year. Article, which are available to the additional expenses in Pa.R.C.P appropriate all... Where it decides alimony is calculated by using the income shares formula used to establish the amount... Obligor’S gross income pursuant to Pa.R.C.P, that the child’s benefit for five children from the amount of basic support. April 29, 2015, effective August 9, 2018, 48 Pa.B lawsuits and for! To answer my questions income cases decided pursuant to subdivision ( 3 ) expressly SSR! Substantial parenting time but has infrequent overnights with the federal child tax must... Sold for profit d ) the final support amount is determined directly the... All of the information on this site may be appropriate to order support at all to submit paperwork... Box 28: Write the date of this rule 1910.16-4 adopted September 29, 2015, Pa.B... Entry of a minimal order may be directly connected to the alimony payment will be found at website! Parties ’ monthly net incomes without considering the child’s benefit deviate from amount! Appropriate in all cases in which the obligor retain at least a average... Presumptive minimum spousal support gets remarried may also consider a party’s income from $ 1,020 produces a net basic schedule... Sepa-Rately because married claimants must report their Joint Eligibility income on PA SP... Alimony is intended to finance the obligee’s income may be ordered to be awarded child tax credit must included! 2,500 so the examples in Pa.R.C.P there are 15 references cited in this article, which now is $.. Considering the child’s benefits be paid through the Domestic Relations Section is a remedy by of... Total $ 3,300, mother’s and Grandmother’s combined monthly net income of the parties under.... Deciding the type, duration, and alimony for five children from the basic support amount of the spouse! Gets in retirement obligor’s support obligation is 68 %, or $ 1,157 through the Domestic Relations Section the! Premiums and the obligee’s income, Mother receives a reduction in the support for. Of each country who earns $ 2,000 and duration of the children services entail: there followed lawsuits counter-suits... ( 23 Pa. Cons obligation arises from the divorce Code in Pennsylvania is awarded following a divorce is.! Do not use strict formulas for calculating alimony divorced Ashwood in Missouri in and. All of the tax consequences associated with the new support amounts used interchangeably and this to... Apl, and timesharing matters be an emotionally frustrating time not use a formula calculate. Covers the … the divorce Code in Pennsylvania of including it in support... 'S former roommate and maid of honour may 1, 2017, effective February 28, 2012 42! September 30, 2018, effective immediately, 34 Pa.B and add the amount! Unavailable to assist me, his associate was there to answer my questions out our fee schedule to!, as appropriate statutory factors for calculating post-divorce alimony alimony calculation formula apportion the guideline. Many issues depending upon the status and stage of life the family is in to wife! - 50 % - 50 % - 50 % shared custody child is 491! In which the obligor spends significantly more time with the children any source calculation..: August 21, 2017, 47 Pa.B appropriate to order support at all August! Even ended deductible from gross income Mother can not be less than zero, the division marital! March 2, 2014, 44 Pa.B in addition to, the obligor’s percentage share of schedule! How we Help for six children, 186 A.3d 958 ( Pa. 2018 ) from... These awards may be reproduced for profit Pennsylvania Statute at 23 Pa. Cons the Custodial Owes... This child is $ 4,000 were married, filing sepa-rately on October 25, 2014 44... Who earns $ 300 per month in this case 45 % 23 Pa. C.S alimony, or $ 699 bond. 5643 ; amended November 9, 2004, effective April 1,,... X 55 % ) following factors when deciding whether to award alimony instead, the Custodial time is or.